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Artists you will hear at charity music festivals

All the way from Brighton to Inverness and further you can see places where music, people and philanthropy come together. It can be seen trough many events, organizations and other charitable work, but the most interesting ones are charity music festivals.

One of those festivals is Oxjam. It is held by an organization called Oxfam that helps people in need all around the world and that is mainly focused on eradicating poverty worldwide. Many artists from the UK but also from around the world come together to help them raise money and perform music for free. Names like Chris Bibby, Guillaume Delannoy, Julian Chattin, Georgie Hillier, Karl Wood and many others help every year to make people come and give their money for good. If you are a musician and you think you can help, than go and visit their website where you can register yourself as a contributor.

Musicians do good

Musicians like Steve Strong, Patrick Brewer and others perform on charity music festivals like the Worcester Music Festival. If you want to do good and you are a musician you can apply to perform on their website. You will do good and maybe it will be the start of your career. There are a few ones who started just like that.

Although it is not a full charity festival, Glastonbury gives a big portion of its income to charity organizations. Many musician that perform there do it for free and by that make the portion that is given to charity bigger. Not everyone can perform on the Glastonbury festival, but if you can than you have enough power to help the smaller ones too.

The charity festivals cost quite a few to be organized, but the people who do it try to collect as much donations as possible from philanthropist individuals and organizations to cover the costs. By doing so they can forward all the money they collect by ticket sales to charity organizations. That is how you can help, search them up on internet and donate a few pounds to support the good work.